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There is a myth that people with certain ailments cannot purchase life insurance. That is just partially true. There are many highly-rated insurance companies that welcome this type of business and even have special underwriters and medical examiners trained to exam the medical history, and in many cases, make a highly-competitive offer to the customer for coverage.

Heart conditions, Diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, as well as many more medical situations, can many times get a standard or better offer. Some conditions require an extra premium in order to insure the risk. This is called a “rated” policy.

Here is a list of common, and some not so common ailments that are very common and which insurance companies will in many cases, make an offer.


Find your specific situation and check the box (es) beside. You will be presented with a very specific form(s) which can be completed online. Once you are finished, “Submit” the form.

You need a PDF Reader installed to be able to open and complete the form(s).


Your case will be sent to a specialized underwriter/case manager who will review your situation and discuss with several insurance companies.


When we have identified a highly-rated carrier, your case will be assigned to a licensed representative who will contact you immediately to assist you in completing the application process.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3.

Please complete the following form indicate your impairments and we will have a licensed professional contact you. Please make sure you indicate the best time to contact you as well as your email address and telephone numbers.