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Richelle Hecker – Serving Country and Family

Army Major William F. Hecker’s long-range plan was to become a college English professor, but first he was committed to following in the footsteps of his family and serving his country. A West Point graduate, he was an officer in the 3-16th Field Artillery Battalion, and in late 2005 he was deployed to Iraq. Just six weeks into his tour of duty there, he was killed by a roadside bomb. Bill was just 37, and left behind his wife, Richelle, and four young children.

Sarah Lewis – Mission of Love

David Lewis always went the extra mile to help others. As a pediatric cardiologist, he was known for spending endless hours with his young patients, giving his home number to their families, and managing to make them laugh in difficult times. David’s commitment to children extended all the way to Ecuador where he made regular trips to provide free medical care. But David never allowed his dedication to his patients and the active role he played in his community to keep him from his top priority in life, his wife Sarah and their three young children.

Shandra Mayhle – Rebuilding After a Devastating Loss

Stephen Mayhle always wanted to become a police officer. When he was offered a job with the Pittsburgh Bureau of police, Stephen jumped at the chance. But moving with his wife, Shandra, and their two daughters from their home in Indiana, Pa., meant belt tightening. The cost of living was higher and Stephen was earning less. One way to cut expenses, the couple thought, was to terminate a $50,000 universal life insurance policy that Stephen bought shortly after he and Shandra married.

Tara Newby - A Good Samaritan’s Lasting Legacy

Preston Newby, 24, was a youth pastor who “lived to serve other people,” says his wife, Tara. So it was no surprise when he pulled off the Interstate late one night to help passengers in a car that had just collided with an elk. After discovering they were hurt, Preston returned to his car, told Tara what had happened, and ran back to the scene. While calling for help, Preston was struck from behind by a driver who swerved to avoid the accident scene. He died moments later in Tara’s arms.


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