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Joe Tyler – Easing a Family Tragedy

Right after his daughter Jordan was born, Joseph Tyler decided that it was time to get some life insurance. His wife, Carolyn, agreed. So on November 14, 1991, they met with their agent Todd Taskey at their new home in Bethesda, Maryland.

John Butcher – His Guardian Angel

When John Butcher needed a liver transplant, his wife, Kara, was always by his side. In addition to caring for him, Kara worked at the Amarillo Country Club, which kept the family afloat.

About a year after the transplant, life was looking up again. John made a full recovery and was back at work. Kara still worked at the country club and 6-year-old Tre was pursuing his interest in acting.

Kathy Custead – A Fresh Look Proves Timely

Kathy and Mark Custead bought life insurance when their daughter, Heather, was born. It had been all but forgotten 17 years later when they were shopping for new homeowners insurance and called insurance agent Patrick Dickey for assistance.

Melissa Knoll – A Life Lived Fully but Wisely

Greg Knoll lived life to the fullest. He loved sports cars, snowmobiles, speedboats – “anything that was loud and fast,” says Melissa, his wife. An economics major in college, he grew bored with his desk job at a mortgage company and opted for something more exciting. He joined the Minneapolis police department and became an undercover officer. But one area of life where he took no chances was with his family.

Melissa Wandall – Keeping His Spirit Alive

As a young insurance agent, Mark Wandall didn’t needed to be convinced to buy life insurance. But even Mark would be amazed at all that the insurance has meant for his wife, Melissa, and for many other people he never met.

Mark was just 30 when he was killed in an auto accident less than a mile from his Bradenton, Fla., home. He was the passenger in a car that was broadsided by a driver who ran a red light. He died less than a week after celebrating his first wedding anniversary and just 19 days before the birth of his daughter, Madison Grace.

Michele Krzewina – Keeping a Farm in the Family

As a third-generation dairy farmer, Paul Krzewina’s priority was keeping his 585-acre farm in the family. But doing that meant modernizing, and Paul needed to take out a mortgage to build new barns and buy additional cows. He was concerned, though, that the mortgage would be a burden to his wife, Michele, and their four young children if something were to happen to him. Donald Blahnik, LUTCF, their insurance agent, shared that concern and helped Paul buy a term life insurance policy, the only coverage he felt he could afford at the time.

Missy Junk – Overcoming Unimaginable Loss

Sadly, Missy Junk’s first encounter with life insurance came at age 14 when it paid her father’s funeral expenses. Her next encounter came all too quickly. A year and a half later her mother was diagnosed with cancer and died soon afterward. "You can’t take for granted tomorrow’s going to come; you have to make sure the future is safe," says Missy, now 26 and wise beyond her years.

Nicolas Virgen – Still Watching Over Them

It was close to 11 p.m. the December night when boxer Oscar de la Hoya lost his fight to Manny Pacquiao. The Virgens were saying goodbye to their extended family after watching the match together. Still basking in the glow of family and good food, they headed off to their Port Hueneme, Calif., house. On the way, their pickup truck was slammed by a hit-and-run driver. The car rolled over, pinning Nicolas and wife Teresa inside. Son Gabriel and daughter Mayra managed to crawl out and were only slightly injured. When rescue workers arrived, Teresa was already dead.

Peg Ogonowski – When the Unthinkable Happens

John Ogonowski grew up on a farm and never wanted to give up that life, even as he pursued a distinguished military and civilian flying career. While a young pilot for American Airlines, John began buying land in his hometown of Dracut, Mass., and eventually developed a second career as a hay farmer. John’s wife, Peg, was a flight attendant at American, and they knew her salary would not be enough to support their three young daughters and keep their farm going if something were to happen to John. So John bought life insurance to supplement the coverage provided by the airline.

Remle Winand – A Firefighter Who Was Prepared

Jim Winand was not yet married when he met Michael Tokushige, a financial advisor, but he was already thinking ahead, asking about life insurance for himself and his fiancée, Remle. Just 28, he was fit and muscular, and spent as much time as he could in the Pacific Ocean off Honolulu, where he was a parasailing and scuba diving instructor, as well as a boat captain.


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